A review of all the different nodes you can use connected to a hub in a loop.

Colour coding:

Yellow: information through different media. No tasks are submitted here. 

Blue: individual tasks.

Green: group tasks

Pink: self correcting quiz

Purple: evaluation of the loop

Article - Information from your leader through text, sound or film. At this node there is no task for you to hand in.

Glossary - Here you will find important words and terms that will help you understand the subject in the loop. Your leader can choose to use the node Terminology quiz to check if you have learned the words and terms. 

Task - Here you will receive a task from your leader. When you answer in this node, only your leader will see your answers. You can answer using for example text, sound or film.

Logbook - Here you can observe your learning process while you work with the loop. You can describe your work, your reflections and your decisions and you can get feedback from your leader.

Questions and answers - Here you answer questions that your leader wants answered. The questions are numbered and your leader can give you feedback on every individual answer.

Group assignment - Here, you and the other members of your group have a shared space to write on. You can gather material to your team’s work, or sum up a group discussion.

Notice board - Here, you, and the other participants in your group, each get a response field. What separates this node from the others is that here you can see each other’s answers and comment on them. The Notice board is a good way to share things for everyone in the group to see or to discuss an important issue. 

Quiz - Here you find multiple choice questions. Your leader decides whether you are allowed to do it once or several times.

Terminology quiz - A quiz to check if you have learned the words and terms in the Glossary. You pair the word with its explanation. 

Evaluation - Here you can reflect on your learning in the loop by answering your leader’s questions about your work.