Administrator account

As Loops Administrator for an organization, you can work as a leader in the system but you are also responsible for settings for the whole organization. You can choose:

  • image for your organization, visible for everyone, in the navigation bar.

  • to add an email for your organizations own support.

  • language settings for how your organization will experience Loops

  • whether participants should have access to the libraries

  • whether participants should be allowed to build their own loops.

  • whether participants should be allowed to start loops  

  • whether leaders should be allowed to add and remove participants and colleagues

  • whether leaders should be allowed to add and edit groups.

You also have the possibility to shape your organization’s library by:

  • creating collections for the loops you want to highlight

  • erasing loops that are published the wrong way

  • publishing loops where you are only a collaborator

If you don’t have an SSO solution for your school, you can also choose to import all students at once, divided into the correct classes. You set passwords and then you hand out lists with usernames and passwords to the leaders responsible so they can start working with their participants right away. Read more about how it's done under the headline Import all participants in your organization.