Release notes Mars 2021


New design and new functionality in our pop-ups

We have redesigned all the pop-ups and changed the text in quite a few. We wanted to give Loops a slightly different look, with the new illustrations, but we also had some pit-falls on the way into Loops. There have for example been many who have created their own organization in Loops, when what they wanted was to accept an invitation they received, to an organization that already exists. 


Join the loop via link, not code

When we remade the pop-ups, we also saw that the double paths we have had, to join a loop, are no longer needed. When a leader has started a session, participants could be invited to it via a code or a link, shared by the leader. Since we have seen that very few of you use the code, and that it was slightly more complex to use, we chose to remove that option. So from now on you as a leader just share the link to invite your participants to the loop (and Loops, if they do not already have accounts in Loops). You can also add them by entering a group name or the names of the participant, same as before, we have not changed that. 

Confirm email more easily

A new participant who is invited to Loops via a link, as shown above, has to confirm his/her email address. Previously, that was done by entering a six-digit code that was retrieved in the email, into a pop-up. Now we have instead put a link in the email for new users to click on to confirm their email, which should work more smoothly.

New design on our emails

We have changed to white background color and a simple and clear design on all emails sent out from Loops. We simply want them to look good in as many different email programs as possible, and that it should be easy to see what the email is about. This is what the new email looks like when you request to reset your password.



The leader's name is visible

The name of the leader who started a loop loop has not previously been displayed to the participants, on the loop where it is located on the Start page. From now on we show the name of the leader who started the loop.

Notices from other leaders

Leaders who collaborate on a loop will now receive notifications if other leaders have been giving feedback to the participants, not only in the notice list but also in the leader panel.


Leaders can change the password of their own participants

The leader searches for the participant in the list under Participant Administration, clicks on the participants name and then on Set new password. Here's what it looks like:

If an organization does not want leaders, who are not administrators, to have that opportunity, you can uncheck it under your Organization settings.

We have removed the "Invite colleagues" button

We have previously had a button that says Invite colleagues on the leader's home page. We chose to remove it because it confuses more than it helps. Now you invite both leaders and participants only under the Organization Participant Administration.