Administer the library of your organization 

As Loops administrator for your organization you have the opportunity to shape your organization’s library the way you want it. All coworkers can publish loops to the library. Loops they have built themselves or that they have remixed from other libraries. As administrator, you are the only one who can also publish loops where you only have the role of collaborator. This is to enable you to put the finishing touches to a loop that a group has built together. You can also delete loops in the library of your organization. You can see there is a trash can and the word delete on the loops in your list. When you delete a loop there, you only delete the copy from the library, it doesn’t affect the original. A third option for you is to publish collections in your library, with loops you want to categorize or highlight. You do this by creating the collections of loops in the library (click the + sign), then go to the collection you want under My loops and choose to publish it in your library. This feature is built in a rather complicated way in Loops, so don’t hesitate to contact our support if you need help.